Spring Information Letter


It's that time of year again where we are all anxiously waiting for the warm weather to come so we can enjoy the pool out in our back yard.

Be sure to like our Facebook Page for regular updates on services. Again this year we will be accepting credit cards!

Please take advantage of our computerized water testing -10 am to 2pm or call for other times - or just leave a sample on the porch with your name and phone number. We are here to help you maintain your water quality and help with water problems.  

Also we have a lot of stocked chemicals and pool products. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule work please call us at: (508) 393-8265 or e-mail us at SWIM84POOL@VERIZON.NET (Please leave us your full name & phone number on all e-mail)



You MUST schedule your pool openings and repairs 3 to 4 weeks in advance. We schedule by the week and certain weeks fill up fast. Please be ready on the week you are booked. For all new pool owners planning to have their decks done this spring- You MUST schedule your pool opening 2 weeks before you are scheduled to have your deck done.

  • We need the electricity turned on to your pool pump and power at an outside outlet.
  • We need ALL PARTS for your pool such as ladders, grab rails, skimmer baskets, filters, and DE for your filter, outside in the pool area. There will be an extra charge if we need to come back.
  • Please remind us if you use Nature 2 or Salt to keep your pool clean.
  • Also let us know if you want us to leave bags of salts when we come open the pool.
  • If you own a SAND FILTER and the sand needs to be changed it is best to do it while the filter is dry before the pool is open. Please call early to schedule this before your opening.
  • Make sure your pool water table is half way up the skimmer opening.
  • Pool opening does NOT include vacuuming the pool.
  • Look over your vacuuming equipment to make sure it will work properly. Pole, hose, skim vac, and your vac head-make sure your brushes are not worn down. If they are-you need to replace the brushes so it does not damage your liner.

If you need anything replace let me know and I will bring it when I come to open your pool.


Conventional Cover Owners: (Covers with Water Tubes)

Please make sure all the water and leaves are removed from your pool cover before we arrive to open the pool. If we have to pump the water and clean the leaves off the cover there will be an additional charge, for this is very time consuming.


Loop-Loc Owner:

Those with Loop-Loc covers should pull back the cover and add 2 gallons of liquid shock around April 15th. If the pool is not opened by the 1st week in May put 2 gallon of shock in every week until the pool is opened. After your cover is removed the water table should be very high. Do NOT drain any water out-run the pool until the water is clear. Then set up your vacuum like you normally do but put the filter on WASTE and vacuum so all the dirt goes out your backwash line rather that getting your filter dirty. Vacuum to where you want your water level (1/2 down skimmer opening). If you need to vacuum more then put it back on filter. Any questions please call us. DON’T forget to put the valve back to filter when you are done!

All winter covers and water tubes will be folded and left at pool side. They should be washed, dried, and folded before storing them for the summer. We cannot dry your cover. Covers should be stored in a rodent and insect free area especially Loop-Loc Covers. If your Loop-Loc cover should need repair please let us know so we can make arrangements to repair it. If you don’t own a Loop-Loc Safety Cover: Then you should really consider one. If you are interested please call us in August and we will be happy to come out and measure and give you an estimate. Check out their web site www.looploc.com


Salt Water Pool Owner:

When opening your pool the salt level can not be tested right away, the water has to circulate for a couple of days before you can get an accurate reading. First get the pool cleaned up, then turn on the salt water generator, wait 24 hours and read your level. It needs to be up around 3200 ppm. Bring us a water sample and let us know what your reading is.

We need to check your stabilizer level and help you with how much salt you need to add. It is very important to maintain a stabilizer level around 80 ppm. This holds the chlorine produced by the salt in the water. Bring us water samples though out the year.


Algae Problems:

If you have had a problem with Algae try No More Problems. It helps your pool in many ways by preventing algae and reducing your need to shock & backwash leaving water sparkling!


Staining Problems:

At your opening we will be adding the Blue or Purple Stuff.

If you have a problem with staining you MUST put this in every week and when ever you add water to prevent the staining from coming back. (The Purple is for salt water pools)

We also have many other pool items that we sell. Chlorine Generators are becoming very popular-which eliminates buying & handling chorine.


Please feel free to call us through out the season for all your pool needs.

Thank- you and enjoy the season! Wayne Hey