Pool Maintenance Questions and Answers



It is very important that you or us test your water.

  • Chlorine needs to be maintained at 1-3 ppm.
  • pH 7.4-7.6

Alkalinity needs to be 130 ppm for vinyl liner pools-we adjust this when we open your pool but it can change and it will cause lots of problems especially with heaters. If your pH is low there is a good chance this is low too. So bring us water samples though out the season!



Not all Chlorines are the same -Think twice before buying a cheaper chlorine. You will use more chlorine and the inerts in it will cause problems with our pool and filter. Our chorline products are 99% chlorine including a reliable stabilizer in the mixture. We carry multiple chemical brands that we have found reliable over the years. If you have problems with staining or any other issues please come to us for help.



This needs to be done every 2 weeks when the pool is used alot. It breaks down all the body waste that enters your pool. WE ONLY RECOMEND OUR LIQUID SHOCK - 2 gallons at night and you are able to swim the next day - we find the packets are not effective.



If you see a green & or mustard colored algae in your pool it has to be treated. We recommend treating it at night with 2 gallons of liquid shock & our concentrated Algecide and continue this treatment every 2 weeks until the bottle of algecide is gone.



When your filter gets dirty the flow decreases in the pool and the pressure gauge goes up you need to backwash your filter.

  • Always shut power off when turning the valve
  • Make sure your backwash line is open
  • Turn multi-port valve to BACKWASH & backwash until the site glass get clear
  • Turn valve to RINSE for 30 seconds
  • Repeat this 3 times
  • If the site glass is not clear on the last backwash repeat again
  • When done make sure you put the valve back to Filter
  • **Then put required DE into the skimmer

**There is a label on the filter that tells you how many pounds of DE the filter requires -we sell the DE scoops that measure by the pound.



You must bring us a water sample to have the stabilizer level checked after opening your pool and throughout the year. The stabilizer keeps the chlorine that the salt generator makes in the pool - if your level is not maintained you will not have enough chlorine in the water.



Please read the instructions on our Spring Pool Opening page on adding shock and also on your first vacuuming of the season. Don't drain any water out until you vacuum!